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  • Heated Roof Systems offers our "roof rescue mats" in various sizes, and wattage configurations.
  • 150 square feet of heaters can be placed on one 20 amp dedicated circuit.
  • Per code a ground fault equipment breaker is required.
  • Our typical stocked heaters are 10” x 10',8',6',and 3 foot  (240V).
  • We do offer 120V heaters for smaller applications.
  • Additional calculations and circuitry can be designed by our in house electrical engineer.
  • Electricians can contact us direct for more information, click here to email us.
  • The system can be tested during the install process with a simple ohm meter. Fastners can not be placed through our heaters.

Controlling Units

We recommend the system be activated with a snow/temp sensor (google DS-8) , with a timer (Intermatic), or through a smart home device such as (Lutron/Savant.) Our competitors use a more complex system with various transformers, step down power supplies and additional components. They are expensive and cumbersome. Please meet with your Electrician and decide which is the best way to go for your individual needs. At this time, Heated Roof Systems does not provide any controlling systems. 

Energy Efficiency

Our heaters are activated by a timer and or a snow sensor. They turn on for approximately two hours a day. Although electrical rates vary nationwide, An example, for a heat band offering 14” of ice melt on a 100 foot run, would use 2.5 watt kilo hours. 9 cents (Excel Energy) times 2.5 equals 22.5 cents an hour, or $14 per month

Although no comparable study has been done to date, we claim our heated roof system to be the most energy efficient. This is determined by actually measuring the total melt area that we offer. “BE WARY OF FALSE CLAIMS ADVERTISED BY OUR COMPETITORS.” A certified roofer and licensed electrician will work with you to design the most effective and energy efficient system.

10 Year Limited Warranty

All Heated Roof Systems are covered by a 10-year warranty and backed by our customer service department and professional installation staff. Years of research and development have been invested in the creation of this advanced patented ice dam solution. We would be happy to provide you with Heated Roof System testing documentation, as well as a list of references of clients that have been using our Heated Roof System for years of trouble-free and ice-free service. We would be pleased to evaluate your roofing needs and offer our professional advice in solving your ice dam problems.

As all orders taken are “custom built", and much effort is placed into each order, we do not take returns.

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