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  • Heated Metal Edge

    Heated Metal Edge

  • No More Ice Dams!

    No More Ice Dams!

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    Installers Ready to Help

  • Patented Technology

    Patented Technology

Heated Roof Systems

HEATED ROOF SYSTEMS offers you our exclusive patented technology that provides  a concealed snow melt mat, placed under roofing material to eliminate Ice Dams. These "Roof Rescue Mats", can be placed under asphalt shingles, synthetic slate and shake, and both standing seam and pro-panel roofing, giving you the continuous look to the roof edge. Shown to the left is our 10" heater being applied on the edge of the roof. Our heaters have a 3M self adhesive backing, and in this picture, the installer is using a heat gun on a cold day to help adhere the heater.

Our competition still offers the same repetitive version of a single strand or two of heat tape under a horizontal metal band. Most extreme Ice Dam problems require a wider band of heat. We offer a 14" heat band with a single row. More importantly, "metal shrouded heat tape" is a poor choice for valley applications. Again, a single strand or two of heat tape placed under a narrow metal band, on the outside of a valley has marginal results at best.

We offer the ONLY solution for Flat Roofs. By placing our heaters in an X fashion around the roof drains, under the rubber membrane. Or to prevent snow and ice buildup, by placing our heaters around roof top equipment.

Our " Roof Rescue Mats" are very efficient, by being connected to a timer or moisture sensor, they are only on for a few hours a day. I'm confident you will find our roof ice melt system to meet your needs the best.

Melts Snow Like a Dream!

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To be sure our roof ice melt system is installed properly, we recommend the consumer to choose one of our certified installers for their application.
Product Technical Specs

Product Technical Specs

Heated Roof Systems offers our "roof rescue mats" in various sizes, and wattage configurations.
Find An Installer

Find An Installer

Check out our growing network of certified roofers nationwide.

Our Heated Roof System offers a wire wound built resistant heater sandwiched in Silicone vs the use of "conventional" strand heat tape placed under a metal edge. Simply put, our technical advantages are light years ahead.

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