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Although Heated Roof Systems strives to grow its network of “Certified Roofers”, we also will send out our heaters to General Contractors, and Roofers after careful review of the scope of their project. This can be done with photos and a conversation with the electrician involved.

A roofer becomes certified by first and foremost familiarizing himself with the product, understanding fully the ice dam problem, and being aware of the competitions products and limitations.

Heated Roof Systems then provides support on how to estimate the use of our heaters under various roofing materials.

To be certified, Heated Roof Systems will then send out a technician to assist the new roofer on the first few of his installs. In detail, we will go over the most efficient way of heating the valley areas, and the roof edge. 

It is key that the roofer is then confident in installing our Heated Roof System, able to problem solve, honor our shared warranty arrangement, and prove his integrity in providing the best ice dam elimination product on the market.

We stand behind our certified roofing professionals!

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