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Carroll F., Flagstaff, AZ

We had a very bad ice dam problem on the north side of our Flagstaff, Arizona home, which damaged our gutter and roof. Our furnace is in the attic, which keeps the attic too warm for traditional ice dam solutions to work. This is the third winter we have had the heated roof system installed on our home, and our ice dam problem has been completely eliminated!


We have had the heated roof system installed at our home two winters ago, under a Davinchi Synthetic Slate, we have been very pleased with the results. Although we had some install delays, we are happy to see Heated Roof System now actaully manufacturing their own heaters.

Randy M.

I am a Wisconsin native and have been in the building trades most of my life. I spend my time between Breckenridge , Colorado and my home town of Cornicopia. I teach skiing in Colorado, and have experience in harsh winter conditions at. 10,000 feet altitude. I have installed several Heated roof systems and am impressed with the results. Forget the unsightly look of external heat cable, and the "other" metal shrouded heat cable. Heated roof systems silicon heat mats, are the only viable long term solution to ice dam problems. Please call me if I can meet with you and help problem solve your winter headache problems.

Jerry S.

As a master electrician and ski instructor here in Breckenridge, I have witnessed years of roof problems at our 10,000 foot elevation. I have tried the unsightly wires, I have tried the "metal shrouded heat tape" , clearly, hands down, heated roof systems, is the only real long term solution to eliminate ice dams.

Steve K.

As the main New England rep for Heated Roof Systems, we believe this system to be the best value on the market bar none.


We have installed over 50 heated roof systems to date, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a system that completely eliminates ice dams from forming.

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